Lavender, or white.


Leaves, fragrant.


New York to Georgia and westward.

Time of Bloom

August, September.

Flowers: small; growing in cymose clusters. Calyx: five-toothed; hairy in the throat. Corolla: two-lipped; the lobes nearly equal. Stamens: two; protruding. Pistil: one; style, two-lobed. Leaves: small; opposite; ovate, heart-shaped at base; sessile; toothed. Stem: branching; highly coloured.

The dittany would be recognised as a member of the mint family from its strong aromatic fragrance. It is a prim little plant and its wants in this world are few. It seems to be content with the dry, packed soil of the roadside and to have its comeliness overshadowed by the masses of composites that are greatly en evidence at the late season of the year when it blooms.