Pale purple.




New England to North Carolina and westward.

Time of Bloom

Late summer.

Flowers: growing closely in whorls along the branches. Calyx: with five awl-shaped teeth. Corolla: two-lipped; the upper lip entire and bearded; the lower lip three-lobed, the middle one being larger and obcordate Stamens: four, in pairs. Pistil: one; style, two-lobed. Leaves: opposite, the lower ones palmately divided, the upper ones, three-cleft; rough. Stem: tall; erect; leafy; purplish.

We can hardly pass on without considering the motherwort, which belongs to the group of plants that were so tenderly cherished by our grandmothers. In their homes it played its part as a never-failing cure for colds. What a pleasant hobnob motherwort, agrimony, boneset, tansy and many other plants of their set would have if they should ever meet together and chat over the good old times when they were held in such high esteem.