Evening primrose.


Pale magenta.





Time of Bloom


Flowers; small; slightly nodding; growing in terminal corymbs. Calyx: of four parted sepals. Corolla: of four spreading petals notched at the apex. Stamens: eight. Pistil: one; stigma, club-shaped. Seeds: tufted with brown hairs. Leaves: opposite; lanceolate; toothed and veined with purple. Stem: tall; rather smooth.

We can hardly venture into any meadow during the summer that is moist enough to wet our feet without seeing this little herb. Its relative, the great willow herb, is found mostly along the roadsides and on clearings that have been burned over.

Hairy Willow Herb. Epilobium Hirsutum

The hairiness of this plant serves to distinguish it from the preceding one. It also grows to a greater height and its petals area lovely, rosy pink. The uncultivated, moist soil of waste places is its favourite dwelling place.