North and west, southward to Florida.

Time of Bloom


Flowers: growing in panicles at the summit of the stem and branches. Calyx: of five, linear lobes. Corolla: funnel-form; with five lobes, terminating in a little point or bristle. Stamens: five. Pistil: one; stigmas, two. Leaves: opposite; ovate; slightly heart-shaped at the base; clasping. Stem: slender; branching.

We always welcome any one of the gentians with pleasure; for they are a family of rare taste and beauty. How bright and cheery they look to us in the late season, when the slight chill in the air begins to remind us that the summer has passed. They then seem to spring up and say, "No, not yet."

G. quinquefolia resembles somewhat the closed gentian in its manner of growth; but it has opened its lobes a little way and it is a smaller, more delicate variety. It is very partial to the mountains for its home, although it visits sometimes in the wood borders.