(Plate CV.)




While, veined with deep pink.




Mostly north.

Time of Bloom

June, July.

Flowers: terminal; solitary; growing on slender scapes. Calyx: of five green sepals. Corolla: of five obcordate petals with a deep magenta eye and yellow centre. Stamens: ten. Pistil: one, five-divided. Leaves; from the root; of three obcordate leaflets; glabrous. Scape: slender. Rootstock: scaly; toothed; creeping.

One of the beauties of the deep woods is the fresh, bright clusters of wood-sorrel which seem to delight in the shady coolness. Happy, complacent little flowers they are with no disturbing elements about either their bloom or their leaves. Probably this is because they do not subject themselves to any of the evils of dissipation. Early in the evening their leaves fold backward and they sleep until bright gleams of sunlight pierce through the treetops and remind them that the day has come.

The plants bear cleistogamous blossoms which are fruitful.