Dull yellow.


Leaves scented like anise.


Maine southward.

Time of Bloom

Late summer and early autumn.

The flowers of this golden-rod are not very attractive, but the leaves are well formed and shiny with smooth edges. They are known to yield a volatile oil. In the pine barrens of New Jersey and the sandy edges of thickets, the species is very common. S. juncea, page 136, Plate LXIX.

S. tortifblia, twisted-leaf golden-rod, has a slender stem, with linear sessile leaves that are veined and have a distinct midrib. Their peculiarity is that they are so often twisted. It is found in sandy soil near the coast and mostly from Virginia to Florida.

Plants Growing in Dry Soil: Upland Places, Thickets and Meadows.

"The rain-drops glistened on the trees around, Whose shadows on the tall grass were not stirred, Save when a shower of diamonds, to the ground, Was shaken by the flight of startled bird; For birds were warbling round, and bees were heard About the flowers."