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Penn. northward.

Time Of Bloom


Inflorescence: terminal; solitary. The flowers clustered upon a thick, fleshy spadix about which a milk-white spathe, one and one-half inches at base, is wrapped. Filaments: slender. Anthers: two-celled. Leaves: on long petioles, rather heart shaped. Rootstock: creeping.

This little plant wafts across the mind visions of an underworld garden. And if there is such a place the flowers there must surely glance upward and think of the wild callas as fairies that have flown above; for much mystery lies in their dainty whiteness. They have luxurious relatives living in greenhouses, and although the calla-lily has snobbishly disowned this little dweller of the ditches and watery places, the family resemblance is very striking. The quarrel came about the anthers of the Egyptian, which have no filaments and are sessile, and because of a difference in the cell division of the ovary. So our little plant has been separated from it, Linnaeus tells us that the rhizomes, which we find intensely acrid and caustic, are made by the Laplanders into a kind of bread that by them is most highly relished.