Orange red.




Mostly north and west.

Time of Bloom

July, August.

Flowers; terminal; solitary; erect. Perianth: of six divisions, spotted with purple and narrowing into claws at the base, where a sac of nectar may be found. Stamens: six; anthers, conspicuous. Pistil: one; stigma, three lobed. Leaves: lanceolate; parallel-veined; scattered, or whorled about the top of the stem. Stem: two to three feet high.

Like a sudden gleam of colour does this bright flower startle us, as we wander through the shaded, rich woods. Its distinctive feature is the way in which the divisions of the perianth narrow into the base. L. Catesbaei, a southern sister of the lily, has also this peculiarity; but it is not so with several other species that are natives of America.