Where the Lowland woods is bisected by the galloping creek, the floor of the woods beneath the elms and Kentucky coffee trees is pale blue with Virginia bluebells all in bloom. There is the white froth of anemones, dutchman's breeches, toothwort, and spring beauties, and the delicate, tiny white flowers of the spreading chervil are like fine spray tossed above the leaves.

Wild Chervil.

Chaerophyllum procumbens ( L. ) Crantz.

April Woods.

Spreading chervil is one of the very early flowers to appear in April It is a low, weak. juicy-stemmed little plant with compound, parsley-like leaves and small groups of tiny white flowers, each with live petals, in clusters here and there on the plant. Spreading chervil i.- abundant where it grows; it fills the substratum beneath the bluebells and spice bushes and pawpaw trees; it grows close to the ground and produces it- flowers for several weeks, until deep shade appears in the woods and the spring blossoms are gone.

The seeds of spreading chervil come quickly, ripen, are dispersed, and the little plant- by and by disappear under the deep shadow- of blue-grass and horseweeds. The bluebells are all gone, but the memory of their blueness and the froth of the tiny white flowers of chervil beneath them remains until once again springtime come- to the lowland woods.