2. Trifo'lium. L. Clover. Trefoil

1. T. arvense, L. (Rabbit-foot or Stone Clover.) Stem erect, 4-12 inches high, branching. Heads of whitish flowers oblong, very silky and soft. Calyx-teeth fringed with long silky hairs. - Dry fields.

2. T. pratense, L. (Red C.) Stems and leaves somewhat hairy, the latter marked with a pale spot on the upper side. Flowers purplish, in dense sessile heads. - Pastures.

3. T. medium, L. (Zigzag C.) Like the last, but smoother, and the leaves without the pale spot. Heads mostly stalked. - Atl. Prov.

4. T. repens, L. (White C.) Smooth, creeping. Heads of white flowers rather loose. - Fields everywhere.

5. T. hy'bridum, L. (Alsike C.) Resembles the last, but the flowers are rose-tinted, and the stems erect or ascending.

6. T. reflexum, L. (Buffalo C.) Only in south-western Ontario, in the neighbourhood of the Detroit river. Heads large, on naked peduncles; standard rose-red, wings and keel whitish. Flowers reflexed when old.

7. T. agrarium, L. (Yellow or Hop-C.) Flowers yellow, reflexed when old. Leaflets obovate-oblong, all 3 from the same point. Stem 6-12 inches high. - Sandy fields.

8. T. procumbens, L. (Low Hop-C.) Flowers yellow, reflexed when old. Leaflets wedge-obovate, the lateral ones at a short distance from the terminal one. Stem smaller than in No. 6, spreading. - Sandy fields.

3. Medica'go. L. Medick

1. M. lupuli'na, L. (Black Medick.) Stem procumbent, downy. Leaflets obovate, toothed at the apex. Flowers yellow. Pods kidney-shaped. - Waste places.

2. M. sati'va, L., (Lucerne) is upright, has purple flowers in a long raceme, and spirally-twisted pods. - Cultivated fields.

3. M. maculata, Willd. (Spotted M.) Spreading or procumbent. Leaflets obcordate, with a purple spot. Peduncles 3-5-flowered. Pods compactly spiral, furrowed on the thick edge, bristly. - Atl. sea-coast.

4. M. denticulata, Willd. Pods loosely spiral, deeply reticulated, with a thin keeled edge; otherwise like the last. - Atl. sea-coast.

4. Melilo'tus. Tourn. Sweet Clover

1. M. officinalis, Willd. (Yellow Melilot.) Stem erect, 2-4 feet high. Leaflets obovate-oblong. Flowers yellow. Pod drooping, 1-2-seeded. - Waste places.

2. M. alba, Lam., (White M.)is much like No. 1, but has white flowers. - Escaped from gardens.

5. Hosack'ia

Douglas. H. Purshia'na, Benth. A low annual, more or less silky-villous, sometimes glabrous. Leaves nearly sessile; leaflets varying from ovate to lanceolate. Calyx-teeth linear, much longer than the tube. - N.W.

6. Robin'ia. L. Locust-tree

1. R. Pseudaca'cia, L. (Common Locust.) Racemes slender, loose. Flowers white, fragrant. A large tree.

2. R. visco'sa, Vent. (Clammy L.) Racemes crowded. Flowers white, with a reddish tinge. Branchlets and leafstalks clammy. Smaller than No. 1.

7. Astrag'alus. Tourn. Milk-Vetch

Note. - All the following species except Nos. 2, 7, 8 and 10 belong to the North-West.

Tod completely 2-celled, being divided lengthwise by the intrusion of one or both sutures.

(a) Pod thick and fleshy, sessile.

1. A. caryocar'pus, Ker. (Ground Plum.) A pale perennial, with low leafy stems, and minutely pubescent. Flowers violet, large, in short spike-like racemes. Leaflets about 21, elliptical-oblong.

(b) Pod coriaceous or cartilaginous. + Pod sessile.

2. A. Canadensis, L. (Canadian Milk-Vetch.) Stem erect, 1-4 feet high, somewhat pubescent (or glabrous). Leaflets 21-27, linear-oblong, comparatively large. Flowers greenish - yellow, in long dense spikes. Pod and ovary glabrous. - Common from Quebec to the Rocky Mountains.

3. A. adsur'gens, Pall. Stem 4-18 inches high, ascending or decumbent, grayish with appressed pubescence. Leaflets about 21, narrowly oblong. Flowers purplish, medium-sized, in dense short spikes. Pod finely pubescent, triangular-compressed, with a dorsal furrow.

+ Pod with a very short stalk.

4. A. hypoglot'tis, L. Stem slender, 6-24 inches long, diffusely procumbent or ascending, sparingly pubescent. Leaflets 15-21. Flowers violet, in capitate clusters. Calyx copiously pubescent. Pod silky-villous, with a dorsal furrow.

**Pod incompletely 2-celled.

+ Pod sessile. .

5. A. Missourien'sis, Nutt. Stem very short, prostrate or matted, hoary-silky-pubescent. Leaflets 5-15 or more. Flowers large, violet or purplish, in few-flowered heads on scape-like peduncles. Pod obcompressed (flattened contrary to the usual way), nearly straight, pubescent.

+ + Pod with a very short stalk.

6. A. lotiflo'rus, Hook. Stems very short, hoary with close pubescence. Leaflets 7-13. Flowers yellowish, in few-flowered heads. Pod oblong-ovate, acute at the base, hoary. - Rare.

7. A. oroboi'des, Hornem., var. Americanus, Gray. Stems 12-18 inches high, grayish-puberulent. Leaflets 11-15, oval to linear-oblong. Flowers in a long 1-sided raceme. Pod lens-shaped, gray-pubescent, grooved on the back. Atl. Prov.

+ + + Pod long-stalked.

8. A. alpi'nus, L. Stems diffuse, 6-12 inches high, smooth or hairy-pubescent. Leaflets 13-25, oval or oblong. Racemes short, many-flowered, the flowers violet-purple. Pod narrowly oblong, black - pubescent, triangular-turgid, deeply grooved on the back, pendent. - Atl. Prov.

* * * Pod strictly 1-celled, coriaceous or cartilaginous.

A. Leaves pinnate, of many leaflets.

+ Pod sessile.

9. A. pectina'tus, Dougl. Stem a foot high, grayish-pubescent, the branches striate and angled. Leaflets numerous, nearly filiform. Flowers large, white. Pod short, thick-cartilaginous, pendulous, cuspidate, smooth, with a very thick dorsal suture.

+ + Pod with a very short stalk,

10. A. Coo'peri, Gray. Stem erect, nearly smooth, 1-2 feet high. Leaflets 11-21, comparatively large, minutely hoary beneath. Flowers white, in short spikes. Pod inflated, smooth, slightly furrowed on both sides. - Ontario and Quebec.

11. A. flexuo'sus, Dougl. Stem 1-2 feet high, ascending, grayish-pubescent. Leaflets numerous, narrow. Flowers white or purplish, small, in loose racemes. Pod very finely pubescent, not furrowed.

+ + + Pod exserted on its stalk.

12. A. bisulca'tus, Gray. Stem stout, a foot or more high, with short rigid pubescence. Leaflets numerous. Flowers violet, in dense spike-like racemes. Pod straight, narrowly oblong, the furrow of the ventral surface divided lengthwise into two by the projecting suture.

13. A. multiflo'rus, Gray. Stem slender, somewhat glabrous. Leaflets 13-21, rather narrow. Flowers yellowish-white, tinged with purple, in loosely few-flowered racemes, the peduncles not exceeding the leaves. Stipules mostly connate. Pod 7-20-seeded, reflexed,

14. A. aborig'inum, Rich. Stems slender, rigid, clustered, hoary, pubescent or somewhat villous. Leaflets 7-13. Flowers white or bluish, the keel violet, in short spike-like racemes. Pod with a straight dorsal edge {not furrowed), and a rounded ventral edge.

B. Leaves apparently palmate, mostly of S leaflets.

15. A. trlphyl'lus, Pursh. A low stemless glossy-silky perennial, with crowded long-petioled leaves, mostly having S lanceolate leaflets, and whitish crowded sessile flowers. Pod conical-ovate, villous.

8. Oxyt'ropis. Dc