* Leaves simply pinnate.

1. 0. campes'tris, DC, var. caeru'lea, Koch. Flowers white or yellowish, often tinged with purple or violet, in short spikes on naked scapes. Pods ovate or oblong, of a thin or papery texture. Leaves pinnate, of many leaflets. Gravelly river-margins. - N. W. and Atl. Prov.

* * Leaflets numerous, mostly in fascicles of 3 or 4 along the axis.

2. 0. Lambert'i, Pursh. Silvery-silky-pubescent. Flowers large, purple, violet, or white. Scapes often a foot high.

Pods silky-pubescent, cartilaginous, about half an inch long, imperfectly 2-celled. - N. W.

3. 0. montic'ola, Gray, is reported as common in the prairie region. It is smaller than No. 2, and has denser spikes, usually smaller flowers, and less downy leaves.

4. 0. splendens, Dougl. Silvery-silky-villous, 6-12 inches high. Flowers erect-spreading. Pod erect, hardly surpassing the villous calyx. - N. W.

9. Glycyurhi'za

Tourn. Liquorice. G. lepidota, Nutt. (Wild Liquorice.) Two to three feet high. Leaflets 15-19, sprinkled with little scales when young. - Fort Erie and N. W.

10. Tephro'sia

Pers. Hoary Pea. T. Virginia'na, Pers. (Goat's Rue. Catgut.) Stem 1-2 feet high, simple, leafy to the top. Leaflets 17-29, linear-oblong. Roots long and slender and tough. - Sandy soil, Lake Erie coast.

11. Psora'lea L

1. P. argophyl'la, Pursh. Silvery-silky all over. Leaves of 3-5 leaflets, the latter elliptical-lanceolate. Spikes of flowers interrupted. Roots not tuberous. - N. W. prairies.

2. P. laneeolata, Pursh. Smooth or nearly so. Leaflets 3. Flowers small, in short spikes. Roots not tuberous. - N. W.

3. P. esculenta, Pursh. Bough-hairy all over. Leaflets 5, obovate or lance-oblong. Spikes dense. Boots tuberous. - N. W.

12. amo'pha, L. False Indigo.

1. A. canes'cens, Nutt. (Lead-Plant.) "White-downy all over, 1-3 feet high. Leaflets less than half an inch long, crowded. Spikes generally clustered. Pods 1-seeded. - N.W.

2. A. microphyl'la, Pursh, differs from the last in being lower and nearly smooth. Spikes usually solitary, - N.W.

3. A. frutico'sa, L. A tall shrub. Leaflets larger and not so crowded as in the other species. Pods 2-seeded. - River-banks, N. W.

13. Petaloste'mon. Michx. Prairie Clover

1. P. viola'ceus, Michx. Leaflets 5, very narrow. Calyx silky-hoary. Corolla rose-purple. - Dry prairies, N. W.

2. P. can'didus, Michx. Leaflets 7-9, lanceolate or linear-oblong. Calyx smooth or nearly so. Corolla white. - Dry prairies, N. W.

14. Vicia. Tourn. Vetch. Tare

1. V. Sati'va, L. (Common Vetch or Tare.) Stem simple, somewhat pubescent. Leaflets 10-14, varying from obovate-oblong to linear. Flowers purple, large, one or two together, sessile in the axils, or nearly so. - Cultivated fields and waste grounds.

2. V. tetrasper'ma, L. Peduncles long and slender, 1-2-flowered. Flowers small. Calyx-teeth unequal. Corolla whitish. Pod 4-seeded, smooth. Leaflets about 4 pairs. - Atl. Prov.; also at Ottawa and opposite Montreal.

3. V. Cracca, L. (Tufted V.) Downy-pubescent. Leaflets 20-24, oblong-lanceolate, strongly mucronate. Peduncles long, bearing a dense one-sided raceme of blue flowers, bent downward in the spike, and turning purple before withering. - Borders of thickets, and pastures. Chiefly eastward.

4. V. Carolinia'na, Walt. Smooth. Leaflets 8-12, oblong. Peduncles bearing a rather loose raceme of whitish flowers, the keel tipped with blue. - Low grounds and river-banks.

5. V. America'na, Muhl. Smooth. Leaflets 10-14, oval or ovate-oblong, very veiny. Peduncles 4-8-flowered, flowers purple. - Moist places.

Var. linearis, Watson, a low form, with linear leaflets, is common in the N. W. prairie region.

6. V. hirsuta, Koch. Stem weak. Leaflets 12-16, linear, ted uncles 3-6-flowered. Pods hairy, 2-seeded. - Chiefly eastward.

15. Lath'yrus. L. Everlasting Pea

1. L. marit'imus, Bigel. (Beach Pea.) Stem stout, about a foot high. Leaflets 8-16, oval or obovate. Stipules broadly halberd-shaped, about as large as the leaflets. Flowers large, purple. - Sea-coast, and shores of the Great Lakes.

2. L. veno'sus, Muhl. (Veiny E.) Stem 2-3 feet high. Leaflets 10-14. Stipules very small, slender, half arrow-shaped. Flowers numerous. - Shady banks, chiefly westward and southward.

3. L. ochroleu'cus, Hook. (Pale E.) Stem slender. Leaflets 6- 8, smooth and glaucous. Stipules half heart-shaped, large. Corolla yellowish-white. - Chiefly northward.

4. L. palus'tris, L. (Marsh E.) Stem slender, wing-margined. Leaflets 4-8, lanceolate, linear, or narrowly oblong, sharply mucronate. Stipules small, half arrow-shaped. Corolla blue-purple. - Moist places. Var. myrti-folius has oblong-lanceolate leaflets, and pale purple flowers. Upper stipules much larger than the lower ones.