16. A'Pios

Boerhaave. Ground-Nut. Wild Bean. A. tubero'sa, Moench. Flowers brown-purple. - A common twining plant in low grounds.

17. Strophosty'les

Ell. S. anglllo'sa, Ell. (Phase'olus diversifolius, Pers.) Annual. Stems 1-6 feet long. Leaflets ovate to oblong-ovate, often with a rounded lobe at the base. Flowers greenish-white and purplish, few, sessile, clustered on the long peduncles. - S. W. Ontario chiefly.

18. Amphicarpae'a. Ell. Hog Pea-Nut

A. mono'ica, Nutt. Flowers white or purplish. - Moist , thickets and river-banks.

19. Desmo'dium. DC. Tick-Trefoil

1 Pod raised on a stalk much surpassing the calyx, the latter slightly toothed. Stipules bristle-form.

1. D. nudiflo'rum, DC. Stem smooth, 4-8 inches high.

Leaves crowded at the summit of sterile stems. Flowers in a terminal raceme or panicle, on a scape which rises from the root. Leaflets broadly ovate.

2. D. acumina' tum, DC. Stem pubescent. Leaves all crowded at the summit of the stem, from which the raceme or panicle arises. Leaflets conspicuously pointed. - Rich woods.

3. D. pauciflo'rum, DC. Leaves scattered along the low ascending stems; leaflets rhombic-ovate, rather blunt. Racemes few-flowered, terminal. - Rich woods, western Ontario.

* * Pod raised on a stalk hardly surpassing the calyx, the latter deeply cleft. Stipules ovate, taper-pointed.

4. D. rotundifo'lium, DC. Stem prostrate, soft-hairy. Leaflets orbicular. Flowers purple. Pods indented on both edges. - Dry sandy woods, western Ontario. Also at Queens-ton Heights.

* * * Pod hardly, if at all, stalked.

5. D. cuspidatum, Torr, and Gray. Stem tall, erect, very smooth. Leaflets ovate-lanceolate, taper-pointed, very large, green on both sides. Flowers and bracts large. Pod 4-6-jointed. - Thickets.

6. D. Illinoen'se, Gray, has been found in the Thames valley. Leaflets obtuse and roughish, grayish beneath, with prominent veins. Pod about an inch long, 3-5-jointed, indented on both margins. Otherwise nearly like the last.

7. D. paniculatum, DC. Stem slender, nearly smooth, leaflets oblong-lanceolate, tapering to a blunt point. Flowers medium-sized. Pod 3-5-jointed, the joints triangular. Racemes panicled. - Rich woods.

8. D. Dille'nii, Darlingt. Distinguished from the last by the pubescent stem and finely pubescent leaflets, the latter oblong or oblong-ovate. - Dry and open thickets.

9. D. Canadense, DC. Stem erect, hairy, tall, furrowed. Leaflets oblong-lanceolate (1 1/2 - 3 inches long), with many straightish veins. Flowers large, about 1/2 inch long, in dense racemes. Joints of the pod roundish. - Dry woods.

10. D. cilia're, DC. Stem ascending, slender, hairy. Leaflets round-ovate (1/2-1 inch long). Flowers small, in loose racemes. - Dry thickets, south-western Ontario.

20. Hedys'arum

H. borea'le, Nutt. Leaflets 13-21, oblong or lanceolate. Stipules scaly, united opposite the petiole. Calyx 5-cleft, the awl-shaped lobes nearly equal. Pod of 3-4 flattened roundish joints, easily separated. - Rocky banks, Atl. Prov. and N. W. prairies.

21. Lespede'za. Bush-Clover

* Flowers of two sorts; the larger perfect, the smaller pistillate and usually apetalous, mingled with the others.

1. L. viola'cea, Pers. (L. reticulata, Pers., in Macoun's Catalogue.) Stems upright, branched. Leaflets varying from oblong to linear, downy underneath. Flowers violet-purple. - Dry borders of woods, western Ontario. Also at Queenston Heights.

* * All the flowers perfect, in close spikes or heads.

2. L. hirta, L. Stem erect, wand-like, tall, pubescent. Leaflets roundish or oval, pubescent. Spikes dense, on peduncles longer than the leaves. Corolla yellowish-white, with a purple spot on the standard.

3. L. capitata, Michx. Peduncles and petioles short. Leaflets varying from oblong to linear, silky underneath. Flowers in dense heads; corolla as in No. 1. Calyx much longer than the pod. - Both species are found in dry soil.

22. Baptis'ia

Vent. False Indigo. B. tinctoria, R. Br. (Wild Indigo.) Smooth and slender, 2-3 feet high, branching. Leaves nearly sessile. Leaflets wedge-obovate, turning black on drying. Flowers yellow. - Dry soil, Lake Erie coast and Thames valley.

23. Thermop'sis

R. Br. T. rhambifo'lia, Rich. A low perennial, with short, few-flowered racemes terminating the branches. Stipules as long as the petioles. Pods recurved, 10-14-seeded. - N. W. prairies.

24. Gledit'schia. L. Honey-Locust

2. G triacan'thos, L. Thorns stout, often triple or compound. Pods linear, often more than a foot long, with pulp between the flat seeds. - Common in cultivation, and established on Point Pelee.

25. Gymnoc'ladus

Lam. Kentucky Coffee-tree. G. Canadensis, Lam. Leaves 2-3 feet long, without stipules; leaflets ovate. Pod 6-10 inches long and 2 inches broad. - Established in a few localities.