Smooth herbs, with brittle stems, watery juice, dissected leaves, and irregular flowers. Sepals 2, very small. Corolla flattened and closed, of 4 petals, the two inner united by their tips over the anthers of the 6 stamens. Stamens in two sets of 3 each; filaments often united; the middle anther of each set 2-celled, the others 1-celled. Fruit a 1-celled pod.

Synopsis Of The Genera

1. Adlu'mia. Corolla 2-spurred. Petals all permanently united. Plant climbing.

2. Dicen'tra. Corolla 2-spurred. Petals slightly united, easily separated. Not climbing.

3. Coryd'alls. Corolla 1-spurred. Fruit a slender pod, many-seeded.

4. Fumaria. Corolla 1-spurred. Fruit a globular 1-seeded nutlet, indehiscent.

1. Adlu'mia, Raf

Climbing Fumitory. A. cirrho'sa, Raf. A smooth vine, climbing by the petioles of its decompound leaves. Flowers in axillary pendulous clusters, pale pink. - Low and shady grounds, and rocky woods.

2. Dicen'tra, Borkh. Dutchman's Breeches

1. D. Cucullaria, DC. (Dutchman's Breeches.) Leaves all radical, multifid; these and the slender scapes rising from a bulb-like rhizome of coarse grains. Flowers several in a raceme, whitish, spurs divergent, elongated, acute, straight. - Rich woods.

2. D. Canadensis, DC. (Squirrel Corn.) Underground shoots bearing small yellow tubers, something like grains of corn. Leaves very much as in No. 1. Corolla merely heart-shaped; spurs very short and rounded. Flowers greenish-white, fragrant. - Rich woods.

3. Coryd'alis. Vent. Corydalis

1. C. au'rea, Willd. (Golden Corydalis.) Stems low and spreading. Leaves dissected. Flowers in simple racemes, golden yellow, the outer petals keeled, but not crested on the back. Pods pendulous. - Rocky river-margins and burnt woods.

2. C. flav'ula, DC. (Yellow C.) Stems low and spreading. Flowers pale yellow, the outer petals wing-crested on the back; crest 3-4-toothed. - South-western Ontario.

3. C. glauca, Pursh. (Pale Corydalis.) Stems upright, 1-4 feet high. Flowers in com pound racemes, purplish tipped with yellow. Pods erect. - Rocky woods.

4. Fumaria, Tourn. Fumitory

F. officinalis, L. (Common Fumitory.) Corolla flesh-coloured, tipped with crimson. Flowers small, in dense racemes or spikes. - "Waste places near dwellings.