Herbs, with milky or coloured juice and alternate leaves without stipules. Flowers polyandrous, hypogynous. Sepals 2, caducous. Petals 4-12. Stamens numerous, anthers in-trorse. Fruit a 1-celled pod (in Poppy imperfectly many-celled), with numerous seeds.

Synopsis Of The Genera

1. Cuelido'nlnm. Juice yellow. Petals 4, crumpled in the bud, yellow.

2. sanguinaria. Juice red. Petals 8-12, not crumpled in the bud, white.

3. Papa'ver. Juice milky. Petals mostly 4. Ovary imperfectly many-celled. Stigmas united into a radiate sessile crown.

1. Chelido'nium, L

Celandine. C. majus, L. Petals 4, deciduous, crumpled in the bud. Juice of the plant yellow'. Flower-buds nodding. Flowers small, yellow, in a kind of umbel. Fruit a smooth 1-celled slender pod, from which the two valves fall away, leaving the parietal placentas as a slender framework, with the seeds attached. - Waste places.

2. Sanguinaria, Dill

Blood-root. S. Canadensis, L. Petals 8-12, not crumpled in the bud. Flower-buds not nodding. A stemless plant, with a thick rhizome which emits a red juice when cut, and sends up in early spring a single rounded, 5-7-lobed, thickish leaf, and a 1-flowered scape. Flowers white. - Rich woods.

3. Papa'ver, Tourn. Poppy

1. P. somnif'erum, L. (Common Poppy.) Smooth and glaucous. Leaves clasping, wavy, cut-toothed. Pod globose. Petals white or purple, the buds nodding. - Waste places and old gardens.

2. P. Rhoe'as, L. (Corn Poppy.) Sparingly hispid. Leaves deeply pinnatifid, the lobes cut-toothed. Pod globular, smooth. Corolla 2- 4 inches in diameter, scarlet, often with a dark centre. - Waste-heaps, Atl. Prov.


3. P. dubium, L. Smaller than the last, and the lobes of the leaves narrower. Pod oblong, narrowed at the base. Corolla a paler red. - Ballast-heaps, Atl. Prov.