Herbs with milky juice, differing from, the preceding Order chiefly in having a regular 5-lobed corolla (bell-shaped or wheel-shaped), separate stamens (5), and 2 or more (with us, 3) stigmas.

Synopsis Of The Genera

1. Campan'ula. Calyx 5-cleft Corolla nearly wheel-shaped, 5-lobed.

Pod short.

2. Specularia. Calyx 5-cleft. Corolla nearly wheel-shaped, 5-lobed.

Pod prismatic or oblong.

1. Campan'ula. Tourn. Bell-flower

1. C. rotundifo'lia, L. (Harebell.) Flowers blue, loosely panicled, on long slender peduncles, nodding. Stem slender, branching, several-flowered. Root-leaves round-heart-shaped; stem-leaves linear. Calyx-lobes awl-shaped. - Shaded banks.

2. C. aparinoi'des, Pursh. (Marsh Bell-flower.) Flowers white or nearly so, about 1/3 of an inch .long. Stem very slender and weak, few-flowered, angled, roughened backwards. Leaves linear-lanceolate. Calyx-lobes triangular. - Wet places in high grass. This plant has the habit of a Galium.

3. C. America'na, L. (Tall Bell-flower.) Flowers light blue, about an inch across, crowded in a leafy spike. Corolla deeply 5-lobed. Style long and curved. Stem 8-6 feet high, simple. Leaves ovate or ovate-lanceolate, taper-pointed, serrate. - Moist rich soil.

4. C. rapunculoi'des, L. Flowers nodding, single in the axils of bracts, forming a raceme. Stem-leaves pointed, lanceolate, serrate; the lower cordate, long-petioled. - Atl. Prov.; int. from Europe.

5. C. Seheuehz'eri, Vill. Stem low, from a filiform rootstock, bearing usually a single erect flower. Leaves 1-2 inches long, lanceolate to linear-lanceolate, all more or less dentate. Calyx-lobes much longer than the tube, and exceeding the tube of the shallow reddish-purple corolla. - N.W.

2. Specularia

Heister. Venus's Looking-glass. S. perfoliata, A. DC. Flowers purplish-blue, only the latter or upper ones expanding. Stem hairy, 3-20 inches high. Leaves roundish or ovate, clasping. Flowers solitary or 2 or 3 together in the axils. - Sterile open ground, chiefly south-westward.