Chiefly shrubs, distinguished by the anthers opening, as a rule, by a pore at the top of each cell. Stamens (as in the two preceding Orders) free from the corolla, as many or twice as many as its lobes. Leaves simple and usually alternate. Corolla in some cases polypetalous.

Synopsis Of The Genera

Suborder I. Vaccinieae. (Whortleberry Family.)

Calyx-tube adherent to the ovary. Fruit a berry crowned with the calyx-teeth.

1. Gaylussa'cia. Stamens 10, the anthers opening by a pore at the apex. Corolla tubular, ovoid, the border 5-cleft. Berry 10-celled, 10-seeded. Flowers white with a red tinge. Leaves covered with resinous dots. Branching shrubs.

2. Vaccin'ium. Stamens 8 or 10, the anthers prolonged upwards into tubes with a pore at each apex. Corolla deeply 4-parted and revo-lute, or cylindrical with the limb 5-toothed. Berry 4-celled, or more or less completely 10-celled. Flowers white or reddish, solitary or in short racemes. Shrubs.

3. Chiog'enes. Stamens 8, each anther 2-pointed at the apex. Corolla bell-shaped, deeply 4-cleft, Limb of the calyx 4-parted. Flowers very small, nodding from the axils, with 2 bractlets under the calyx. Berry white, 4-celled. A trailing slender evergreen.

Suborder II. Ericineae. (Heath Family Proper.)

Calyx free from the ovary. Shrubs or small trees. Corolla gamopetalous, except in No. 11.

4. Arctostapl'ylos. Corolla urn-shaped, the limb 5-toothed, revolute.

Stamens 10, the anthers each with 2 reflexed awns on the back. Fruit a berry-like drupe, 5-10-seeded. A trailing thick-leaved evergreen, with nearly white flowers.

5. Epigae'a. Corolla salver-shaped, hairy inside, rose-coloured. Stamens 10; filaments slender; anthers awnless, opening lengthwise. Calyx of 5 pointed and scale-like nearly distinct sepals. A trailing evergreen, bristly with rusty hairs.

6. Gaultheria. Corolla ovoid or slightly urn-shaped, 5-toothed, nearly white. Stamens 10, the anthers 2-awned. Calyx 3-cleft, closing the pod and becoming fleshy and berry-like in fruit. Stems low and slender, leafy at the summit.

7. Cassandra. Corolla cylindrical, 5-toothed. Stamens 10, the anther-cells tapering into beaks with a pore at the apex, awnless. Calyx of 5 overlapping sepals, and 2 similar bractlets. Pod with a double pericarp, the outer of 5 valves, the inner cartilaginous and of 10 valves. A low shrub, with rather scurfy leaves, and white flowers.

8. Audrom'eda. Corolla globular-urn-shaped, 5-toothed. Calyx of 5 nearly distinct valvate sepals, without bractlets. Stamens 10; the filaments bearded; the anther-cells each with a slender awn. A low shrub, with white flowers in a terminal umbel.

9. Callu'na. Corolla bell-shaped, 4-parted, persistent, becoming scarious. A low evergreen shrub, with numerous minute opposite leaves. Flowers rose-coloured or white, in mostly l-sided racemes.

10. Kal'mia. Corolla broadly bell-shaped, with 10 pouches receiving as many anthers. Shrubs with showy rose-purple flowers.

11. Le'dum. Calyx 5-toothed, very small. Corolla of 5 obovate and spreading distinct petals. Stamens 5-10. Leaves evergreen, with revolute margins, covered beneath with rusty wool.

12. Rhododen'dron. Corolla irregular (in our species), nearly an inch long, 2-lipped, the upper lip 8-lobed, the lower of 2 oblong-linear curved nearly or quite distinct petals. Stamen s 10, as long as the rose-coloured corolla. A shrub with alternate oblong somewhat pubescent leaves. - Atl Prov.