Maritime herbs with regular pentamerous flowers, a plaited calyx, 5 stamens opposite the lobes (or separate petals) of the corolla, and a 1-celled and 1-seeded ovary.


Tourn. S. Limo'nium, L. (Marsh-Rosemary.) A maritime herb, with a thick, woody, astringent root, and oblong, spathulate or obovate-lanceolate radical leaves, tipped with a deciduous bristle. Flowers lavender-colour, panicled on branching scapes. Calyx funnel-form, membranaceous. Corolla of 5 nearly or quite distinct petals, with the 5 stamens severally borne on their bases. Ovary 1-celled and 1-ovuled. - Salt marshes, Atl. Prov.