Chiefly twining or trailing herbs, with alternate leaves and regular flowers. Sepals 5, imbricated. Corolla 5-plaited or 5-lobed and convolute in the bud. Stamens 5. Ovary 2-celled.

Synopsis Of The Genera

1. Calyste'gia. Calyx enclosed in 2 large leafy bracts. Corolla funnel-form, the border obscurely lobed. Pod 4-seeded.

2. Convol'vulus. Calyx without bracts.

3. Cus'cuta. Leafless parasitic slender twiners, with yellowish or reddish stems, attaching themselves to the bark of other plants. Flowers small, mostly white, clustered. Corolla bell-shaped. Stamens with a fringed appendage at their base.

I. Calyste'gia. R. Br. Bracted Bindweed

1. C. se'pium, R. Br. (Convolvulus sepium, L., in Macoun's Catalogue.) (Hedge Bindweed.) Stem mostly twining. Leaves halberd - shaped. Peduncles 4 - angled.

Corolla commonly rose-coloured. - Moist banks.

2. C. spithamae'a, Pursh. {Convolvulus spithamoeus, L., in Macoun's Catalogue.) Stem low and simple, upright or ascending, not twining, 6-12 inches high. Leaves oblong, more or less heart-shaped at the base. Corolla white. - Dry soil.

2. Convol'vulus. L. Bindweed

C. arven'sis, L. (Bindweed.) Stem twining or procumbent and low. Leaves ovate-oblong, sagittate, the lobes acute. Corolla white, or tinged with red.

3. Cus'cuta. Tourn. Dodder

1. C. Grono'vii, Willd. Stems resembling coarse threads, spreading themselves over herbs and low bushes. Corolla-lobes obtuse, spreading. Capsule globose, abruptly pointed. Flowers in loose panicled cymes. - "Wet shady places.

2. C. arven'sis, Beyrich. Stems pale and slender, low. Flowers in dense clusters. Capsule depressed-globose. Corolla-lobes acute, with inflexed points. Stamen-scales deeply fringed. - Dry ridges, N.W.

3. C. Epil'inum, Weihe. (Flax Dodder.) Stems very slender, low. Flowers sessile in dense scattered heads. Corolla short-cylindrical, hardly exceeding the calyx, persistent round the capsule. Stame'n-scales short and broad. Capsule globose, circumcissile. - Atl. Prov.; introduced.