Low glandular-hairy marsh herbs, with circinate tufted radical leaves, and regular hypogynous flowers borne on a naked scape. Sepals, petals, and stamens, 5 each; anthers turned outwards. Styles 3-5, deeply 2-parted. Pod 1-celled, 3-valved. The only genus with us is

Dros'era. L. Sundew

1. D.rotundifo'lia, L. (Round-leaved Sundew.) Flowers small, white, in a 1-sided raceme. Leaves orbicular, abruptly narrowed into the hairy petiole, clothed with reddish glandular hairs. - Bogs.

2. D. longifo'lia, L. (Longer-leaved S.) has oblong-spathulate leaves gradually narrowed into erect naked petioles. - Bogs; not common.