Scape. - Low. Leaves. - Heart-shaped, wavy-toothed. Flowers. - White, one or two borne on each scape. Calyx. - Deeply five or six-parted, three of the divisions larger and toothed. Corolla. - Of five petals. Stamens. - Many. Pistils. - Five to ten.

Dalibarda repens

Plate XXIV. Dalibarda repens

The foliage of this pretty little plant suggests the violet; while its white blossom' betrays its kinship with the wild strawberry. It may be found from June till August in woody places, being one of those flowers which we seek deliberately, whose charm is never decreased by its being thrust upon us inopportunely. Who can tell how much the attractiveness of the wild carrot, the dandelion, or butter-and-eggs would be enhanced were they so discreet as to withdraw from the common haunts of men into the shady exclusiveness which causes us to prize many far less beautiful flowers ?