Stem. - Swollen at the joints, about three feet high. Leaves. - Whorled in fours, oval, taper-pointed. Flowers. - White, in a large pyramidal cluster. Calyx. - Inflated, five-toothed. Corolla. - Of five deeply fringed petals. Stamens. - Ten. Pistil. - One, with three styles.

In late July many of our wooded banks are decorated with the tall stems, whorled leaves, and prettily fringed flowers of the starry campion.

Closely allied to it is the bladder campion of the fields, S. Cucubalus, a much smaller plant, with opposite leaves, loosely clustered white flowers, a greatly inflated calyx, and two-cleft petals. This is an emigrant from Europe, which was first naturalized near Boston, and has now become wild in different parts of the country, quite overrunning some of the farm-lands which border the Hudson River.