Agaricus (Amanita) Vernus, Or Poisonous White Mushroom


Pileus. At first ovate or bulbous, enclosed in the volva, then expanded, always pure white, usually clammy or viscid to the touch; cuticle thin, separable. GiLls. Pure white, unequal, free from the stem.

Stem. Long, rough or woolly, stuffed or a little hollow toward the cap. Volva. Always present. Ring marked at medium growth; often absent at maturity of the plant; and the same is true of the warts or scurf on the cap. N. B. This mushroom to many persons has no disagreeable taste or smell. It grows in and on the borders of woods, and when half open may easily be taken for those in Plates I. or IV., if attention is not paid to the volva. It is deadly poison.