1. Agaricus (Amanita) muscarius.

2, 3. Agaricus (Amanita) phalloides.

4. Agaricus (Amanita) mappa.

Poisonous Mushrooms Of The Genus Amanita

General Description Of Above

Plant when just below the soil enclosed in a volva or wrapper, which as it matures remains (1) at the base continuing to sheathe the stem; (2) in the collar or ring; (3) on the pileus in the form of easily separable scales or warts. Generally free from disagreeable taste or smell, except at decay, when the variety illustrated by figures No. 2 and No. 3 is putrid and nauseous. Gills pure white at every stage of growth. Pileus very variable in color, from pure white to bright orange or red. All contain a deadly poison.