Jew's Ear, or Judas's Ear (Edible) Hirneola auricula-Judce

The Jew's ear is a gelatinous fungus which is so lobed and folded as to resemble a human ear. It is this resemblance to an ear which has suggested the names, Jew's ear and Judas's ear. Its habit of growing on elder has given rise to the belief that Judas Iscariot hanged himself on this tree. This fungus is prized by the Chinese as an article of food, and is imported by them from the South Sea Islands.

Its manner of bearing the spores on basidia places it in Class III, Basidiomycetes, which contains fungi with gills, teeth, and pores.


Tremellodon is a clear fungus, which in colour resembles a piece of water-soaked snow, but in form resembles a Hydnum, as it has teeth-like projections on the under surface.


Guepina is a bright yellow fungus, about an inch high, in form like little spatules or goblets. It is common in cracks of logs and stumps.

Hir-ne'-o-la Au-ric-u-la Tre-mel'-1o-don Guep-tn'-i-i

Jew'S Ear. Judas'S Ear (Edible) (Hirneola Auricula Judce (L.) Berk.)

Jew'S Ear. Judas'S Ear (Edible) (Hirneola Auricula-Judce (L.) Berk.).

Xylaria See page 136

Xylaria See page 136.