The genus Amanitopsis has white spores, the gills free from the stem, and at the base of the stem a volva, the remains of the wrapper which enclosed the young plant. There is no annulus or ring on the stem, a feature which separates the genus Amanitopsis from the genus Amanita.

The Sheathed Amanitopsis (Edible)

The Sheathed Amanitopsis (Edible).

Amanitopsis vaginata

Cap or Pileus-Variable in colour, ranging from white to reddish brown. Thin, fragile, smooth; or, when young, with a few fragments of the wrapper adhering to its surface. Margin distinctly and deeply striated. 2-4 inches broad. Stem or Stipe-Hol-low or stuffed; smooth, or sprinkled with minute mealy particles or woolly scales. Not bulbous at the base. 3-5 inches long. Spores-White. Ring or Annulus None. Wrapper 'or Volva-Soft, flabby, white, adhering slightly to the base. Gills or Lamella-Free from the stem. White or whitish, close, irregular. Flesh-White, or sometimes stained under the easily separating skin. Time - June to October.

Habitat-In woods or open places, in damp vegetable mould, widely distributed. Specimen pictured was found growing in mountains of New Jersey.

A. vaginata, var. alba, has the whole plant white. A. vaginata, var. fulva, has the cap tawny yellow. A. vaginata, var. livida, has the cap leaden brown, and gills and stem tinged with smoky brown.

Vag-In-a'-ta Fulv'-a Liv'-I-da

Genus Amanitopsis 177Sheathed Amanitopsis (edible). (Amanitopsis vaginata, Roze).

Sheathed Amanitopsis (edible). (Amanitopsis vaginata, Roze).

White-spored Series

AmanitopsiS parcivolvata (See Frontispiece)

Cap or Pileus- Convex, then expanded ; smooth, free from warts.

Colour brilliant orange red over the whole cap; not yellow on the margin, not fading with age. Uniform in colour in young and old specimens.

Margin with striations deep and long. Gills or Lamella- Lemon yellow, free from stem, and rounded at the outer extremity. Stem - Slightly tapering toward the cap; hollow. Clear lemon yellow, covered with meal-like particles. Ring or Veil - None in old or young specimens. Volva- Present; not large and loose. White; clinging closely to the stem in the form of scales. Spores- White. Flesh- Unpleasant raw odour. White, stained with orange red immediately under the skin. Habitat - Mixed woods. New Jersey, North

Carolina. Time- July.

The caps of the specimens found in North Carolina varied in colour from parcivolvata (reduced) almost white to white with a red centre, and from orange or shades of orange to brilliant red.