The members of this genus have white spores ; no volva nor annulus ; lamella: thin, with acute edges ; gills with a little bay cut out near the stem, sinuate, and the stem with a cartilaginous rind. Cap membranous and striate on the margin - that is, with depressed parallel lines.

Mycena haematOpOda (See Plate Facing Page 93)

Cap or Pileus - Bell-shaped; reddish brown, deeper shade on margin. Gills or Lamella- Paler tint of colour of cap ; adnate.

Par-cI-vol-va'-ta My-ce'-na Hem'-a-top'-o-da

Section of A.

Section of A.

Fungi with Gills

Stem or Stipe - Colour of cap; hollow; a mere tube, with thin walls. When cut quickly, it changes to a deep red brown and exudes a purple juice. Flexible, fragile.

Spores - White.

Ring or Annulus - None.

Time - September.

Habitat - Decayed wood in forest.