In the genus Bovista the rind or peridium opens by an apical mouth, as do the species of Lycoperdon, but the species of Bovista have no sterile base. They are puff-balls of small size, growing in fields and woods. The outer coat is thin and fragile, and scales offat maturity. The inner coat is thin, becoming papery, and then opens by an apical mouth.

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Bovista plumbea is esteemed a delicacy. It is shaped like a flattened globe, with a smooth, white inner coat, and a lead-coloured outer coat opening by an apical mouth.

Cy'-ath-I-for'-mis Bo-vis'-ta Plum'-be-e

Bovistella Ohliensis, Ellis and Morgan (Edible.) Reduced

Bovistella Ohliensis, Ellis and Morgan (Edible.) Reduced.

Cup Shaped Calvatia (Edible)

Cup-Shaped Calvatia (Edible).

(Calvatia cyathiformis, Bosc)

Reduced. Nat size: Ball diam., 2 7/8 inches