The genus Bovistella contains but one species. Bovistella OhiensiS (Edible) (See Plate Facing Page 128)

Peridium or Pouch - Globose or broadly obovoid, sometimes much depressed, wrinkled underneath, with thick cord-like base. Bark or Outer Coat - Dense, floccose, or with soft warts or spines.

White or greyish, drying to buff colour, and falling away. Inner Coat - Smooth, shining, pale brown or yellowish surface. Subgleba - Cup-shaped, broad, ample, occupying nearly one-half the peridium; long, persistent. Spores and Capillitium - Loose, friable, clay colour.

Threads free, short, twice branching, originating within the spore mass, and having no connection with the tissue of the inner coat. Habitat - On ground in pastures and open woods.

Section of Bovistella (diagrammatic)

Section of Bovistella (diagrammatic).