The genus Daedalea has the spore-bearing surface in the form of winding and labyrinthine lamellae, so that instead of pores there are irregular branching slits on the under surface. These fungi are normally sessile, woody, and hard.

Daedalea unicolor

Daedalea unicolor is in form like a full leather ruffle with scalloped edge, so full that the scallops overlap. The branching slits are very minute, and the upper side is in zones of tan colour, with a plush-like surface. The zones are often tinged with blue or green from algae which grow upon them.

Daedalea confragosa

Daedalea confragosa has a rough grey upper surface, and grows from the centre in the form of depressed sessile caps. The texture is firm and leathery.

Daedalea quercina

Daedalea quercina is a woody or corky species, rugged, and without zones on the surface. At first it is porous ; then, by the breaking down of the walls of the pores, slits are formed, with blunt partitions. It is common on oak trees.

Se-pi'-ri-a Dae-da'-le-a Con'-fra-go'-sa Quer-ci'-na

Daedalea quercina, (L.) Pers. Upper side. Reduced

Daedalea quercina, (L.) Pers. Upper side. Reduced.

Daedalea quercina, (L.) Pers. Lower side. Reduced

Daedalea quercina, (L.) Pers. Lower side. Reduced.