The genus Fistulina contains one notable species, Fistulina hepaiica, so called from its resemblance to a liver. In its early stages it somewhat resembles a strawberry, and later it may

Bo-le-ta'-ce-ae: Fis-tu-li-na Bo-le-tl'-nus

Po'-ly-po-ra'-ce-ae Bo-le'-tus Stro-bil-o'-my-ces have the appearance of a big red tongue protruding from a tree trunk, so that the French call it langue de boeuf. It is often called vegetable beefsteak, from the flesh-like fibre and colour of the fresh specimens. When young, the upper side is velvety and of a fine peach colour ; later it becomes liver red and loses the velvety appearance; the under surface is flesh coloured, and is rough, much like the surface of a tongue, owing to the fact that the tubes are free from one another.