The spore-bearing surface of the genus Boletinus is composed of broad, radiating lamellae connected by numerous narrow partitions so as to form large angular pores. The tubes are not easily separable from each other and from the portion on which they are borne. They are yellowish in colour, and grow downward somewhat on the stem. The genera may be distinguished by the following table:

1. Stern hollow.....................Boletinus cavipes

2. Stem solid, lateral, or eccentric.............Boletinus porosus

3. Stem solid, central. Cap pale yellow and silky......Boletinus decipiens

4. Stem solid, central. Cap red..............Boletinus paluster

5. Stem solid, central. Cap with red scales.........Boletinus pictus

Painted Boletinus (Edible)

Boletinus pictus

Cap or Pileus - Convex or nearly plane; at first covered with red matted fibres, which soon divide into small scales, so as to reveal the yellow colour of the cap beneath. 2-4 inches wide.

Tubes - Pale yellow, or pale yellow tinged with brown. Not easily separated from the cap.

Veil - Webby, concealing the tubes of the young plant.

Stem or Stipe - Solid, with scales and colour similar to those of the cap. 1 1/2-3 inches long.

Ring or Annulus - Webby; evident in some specimens.

Spores - Pale yellow tinged with brown.

Flesh - Yellowish, often assuming reddish tints when bruised.

Habitat - Woods and mossy swamps.

CaV-l-pes Po-ro'-siis De-cIp'-l-ens Pa-lus'-ter PIc-tus