The genus Vibrissca contains fungi with vertical and simple stems, and horizontal caps with their thick margins rolled in toward the stem. The spore-sacs are borne on the upper surface.

Vibrissea truncorum

Vibrissea truncorum is a clear orange-red or sometimes yellow or brownish-red fungus, about an inch high, found on decayed wood, branches, or leaves which are submerged in water.

Clav-a'-ta Hir-su'-tum Vl-bris'-se'-a

Ge-o-glos'-sttra Gla'-brum Triin-co'-rum

Vibrissea circinans

Vibrissea circinans is a pale yellowish flesh colour, or simply yellowish fleshy fungus found growing in circles or clusters, with convex caps and incurved, wavy margins, the concave under surface often minutely wrinkled. The stem is long, pallid, or reddish. The plant is found chiefly in pine woods.