It is customary, when writing the name of a fungus for scientific purposes, to append the name of the author who first published the appellation. The author's name, for convenience, may be abbreviated. A list of such abbreviations as are used in this book is given below.

A. & S. Albertini and Schweinitz.

Batsch. Augustus Batsch (i761-1802), German botanist. Berk. Rev. Miles Joseph Berkeley.

B. & C. Berkeley and Curtis.

Bosc. Louis Bosc (1759-1828), one of the first collectors of fungi in the United States.

Bull. Pierre Bulliard, 1742-1793.

Burnap. Charles E. Burnap, an American student.

Buxb. Johann Christian Buxbaum, 1693-1730.

D. C. Augustin Pyrame de Candolle (1778-1841), a prominent Swiss botanist.

Desv. Nicaise Augustin Desvaux, French botanist, 17841856.

Ellis. J. B. Ellis. Mr. Ellis is a mycologist in the United States. The Ellis collection of fungi contains the largest number of types of any collection of American fungi in existence. It is deposited in the museum of the New York Botanical Garden.

Fr. Elias Magnus Fries (1794-187S), a Swedish botanist, who laid the foundations for the study of the Basidiomycetes.

Holmsk. Theodor Holmskiold (1732-1794), a Danish botanist.

Huds. William Hudson (1730-1793), an English botanist.

Lasch. Wilhelm Lasch (1786-1863), a German botanist.

Lk. Heinrich Friedrich Link (1767-18s 1), a German botanist.

L.orLiNN. Carl von Linnaeus (1707-1778), a Swedish botanist, who revised the principles of classification and introduced what is known as the binomial nomenclature. According to his method, the name of a plant is reduced to two words: the first, or 159

Note generic, name is a substantive or a word used as a substantive ; while the second, or specific, name is an adjective. Lactarius is the generic name of those fungi dripping milk, and deliciosus (delicious) the specific name for one edible species.

Mass. George Massee, an English botanist.

Morg. A. P. Morgan, an American botanist.

Pk. Charles H. Peck (1833- ), the State botanist of New York.

PErs. Christian Hendrik Persoon (1755-1837), a German botanist.

Roze. Ernest Roze,. a French botanist.

Schw. Lewis David de Schweinitz (1780-1834), an American botanist ; one of the first to make mycology a serious study.

Scop. Giovanni Antonio Scopoli (1723-1788), an Italian botanist.

Schaeff. Jacobi Christiani Schseffer (1718-1790), a German botanist.

Sacc. P. A. Saccardo (1845- ), an Italian botanist. Saccardo is the compiler of Sylloge Fungorum, a work in Latin, containing descriptions of over forty thousand species. It is a most valuable work, as it has made accessible to workers throughout the world the greater part of the technical descriptive literature upon the subject of fungi.

Vahl. Martin Vahl (1749-1804), a Norwegian botanist.

The diacritical marks used in the pronunciation of the Latin names indicate the sounds of the same letters in the following list:

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