Soft-wooded deciduous or partly evergreen climbers. Stems rounded or somewhat fluted, slender; pith pale, porous, finally excavated. Buds moderate, solitary, sessile, oblong. Leaf-scars opposite, triangular; bundle-trace 1, U-shaped; stipule-scars none, but leaf-scars connected by transverse ridges. The leaves, composed of 2 leaflets and a branched tendril, sometimes do not disarticulate but persist into the winter.

1. B. capreolata L. Crossvine. Climbing to 20 m. or trailing; twigs glabrous except at the nodes; pith in transverse section as a cross; leaflets stalked, 5-15 cm. long, entire; capsule linear, 10-17 cm. long. Rich woods, Florida to Louisiana, north to Maryland, West Virginia, Illinois, and Missouri (Fig. 289).

Fig. 289. Bignonia capreolata

Fig. 289. Bignonia capreolata.