Deciduous shrubs or small trees. Twigs moderate, zigzag, subterete; pith roundish, continuous, pale or pinkish. Buds glabrous,the flower-buds superposed and stalked, the leaf-buds sessile, ovoid or obovoid, with 2 scales (or several in the flower buds); end-bud lacking. Leaf-scars alternate, 2-ranked, somewhat raised, fringed at the top, obtusely triangular, with 3 small decurrent ridges; bundle-traces 3; stipule-scars lacking.

Fig. 170. Cercis canadensis

Fig. 170. Cercis canadensis.

1. C. canadensis L. Redbud. Shrub or small tree 8-10 m. high; bark thin, with shallow grooves and dark brown scaly ridges; twigs dark brown or black; pith round, pale or pinkish, continuous; buds 2-3 mm. long; pods brown, 6-8 cm. long, 12 mm. wide, persistent in winter. Rich woods, Florida to Texas and Mexico, north to Connecticut, Ontario and Wisconsin (Fig. 170).