Deciduous shrubs. Twigs moderate, terete, zigzag; pith continuous, 3-sided, pale or brown. Buds solitary, sessile, ovoid, obtuse, with about 4-6 scales. Leaf-scars alternate, 2-ranked, more or less triangular, small; bundle-traces 3 or multiplied; stipule-scars elongated.

Fig. 49. Corylus americana

Fig. 49. Corylus americana.

Fig. 50. Corylus cornuta

Fig. 50. Corylus cornuta.


Bud-scales persistent, the outer short; fruit-involucre broad


C. americana


Outer bud-scales elongated, often deciduous; fruit-involucre prolonged into a slender beak


C. cornuta

1. C. americana Walt. American Hazelnut. A shrub 1-3 m. high, young shoots russet-brown, densely bristly with pinkish hairs becoming darker, mostly falling before spring; buds 4 mm. long, pubescent; involucre composed of two broad bracts; nut light brown, 1.1-5 cm. long. Thickets, Maine to Saskatchewan, south to Georgia and Oklahoma (Fig. 49).

2. C. cornuta Marsh. Beaked Hazelnut. (C. rostrata Ait.). Shrub 1-3 m. high; twigs pubescent; involucre composed of united bracts prolonged above the nut into a narrow tubular beak. Thickets, Newfoundland to British Columbia, south to Georgia, Kansas, and Colorado (Fig. 50).