Shrubs or small trees, often spiny, stellate-hairy or with silvery or glistening-brown peltate scales; mostly deciduous. Twigs terete, rather slender; pith small, round, continuous. Buds small, solitary or collaterally branched in spine formation, exceptionally superposed, sessile, round, conical or oblong, with about 4 exposed scales. Leaf-scars alternate, half-round, minute; bundle-trace 1; stipule-scars lacking.


Branchlets covered with rusty scales


E. commutata


Branchlets silvery


E. angustifolia

1. E. commutata Bernh. Silverberry. (E. argentea Pursh). Stoloniferous unarmed shrub, 0.3-4 m. high, the younger branches covered with rusty scales. Dry limestone slopes, Quebec to Alaska, south to Minnesota, South Dakota and Utah.

Fig. 225. Elaeagnus angustifolia

Fig. 225. Elaeagnus angustifolia.

2. E. angustifolia L. Oleaster. Russian Olive. Stoloniferous unarmed shrub to 4 m. high, the younger branches covered with silvery scales. Introduced from Eurasia, spreading somewhat from cultivation (Fig. 225).