Deciduous woody climbers. Twigs rounded,grooved, slender; pith large, continuous, white. Buds small, hairy. Leaf-scars alternate, elliptical, raised, concave; bundle-traces 3 to 7; stipule-scars none. Fruit a drupe, with a flattened ring-like or crescent-shaped stone, keeled on the back.

Fig. 101. Menispermum canadense

Fig. 101. Menispermum canadense.

1. M. canadensis L. Moonseed. Stems 2-4 m. in length, twining over bushes; twigs green or buff, slightly pubescent or glabrous; drupe globose-oblong, 6-8 mm. in diameter before drying. Rich woods and thickets, Quebec to Manitoba, south to Georgia and Oklahoma (Fig. 101).