One quart flour, one teaspoon ful salt, one of soda, sift together and rub in one tablespoonful of lard, sour milk to make a soft dough, bake immediately in a quick oven. If milk is not very sour use less soda.

Tea Biscuit.

Sift together one quart of flour and three teaspoonfuls baking powder, rub in a tablespoonful lard, one-half teaspoonful salt. Mix with enough sweet milk or water to make as soft a dough as can be handled. Roll and cut out biscuit.

Soda Biscuit.

Rub into a quart of sifted flour two tablespoonfuls lard, one teaspoonful salt, one scant teaspoonful soda, two of cream of tartar. Mix with one pint milk, or enough to make a very soft dough. Roll and cut one-half to one inch thick with biscuit cutter; bake in quick oven.