Cider Apple Butter.

Boil one barrel of new cider down half, peel and core three bushels of good cooking apples. When cider has boiled to half the quantity add the apples and continue to cook.

Peach Butter.

Cook peaches until they will mash easily, run through a sieve: add pound for pound of sugar and peaches, stir until well cooked.

Tomato Butter.

Scald and remove skin from nice sized tomatoes, slice and mash fine, to each quart of tomatoes add a quart of granulated sugar; let cook fast, stir until done.

Lemon Butter.

Grate the rinds of three lemons, and add the juice. Beat together two cups sugar and three eggs, and add one teaspoonful butter. Stir all together and boil to the consistency of strained honey.