Grape Jelly.

Take grapes just turning ripe, wash, put in granite kettle with very little if any water, let simmer for one hour. Then mash, strain through flannel bag, let come to a boil. While this is heating put sugar in moderate oven. ("A" sugar is best.) For two cups juice take one cup of sugar; let boil for five minutes, then simmer ten minutes more. Strain again through another flannel bag into glasses. Do not make more than three glasses at once.

Calf's Foot Jelly.

Clean four calves' feet, put in a kettle of cold water and let simmer for eight hours; reducing from six to two quarts. Strain the liquid and let stand till next day. Next remove all fat from the surface and sediment from the bottom. Put in a kettle over the fire; add cinnamon and sugar, the juice of four lemons, two oranges, and the whites of two eggs slightly beaten. Mix well, boil hard for twenty minutes; throw in a gill of cold water, let boil again, then cover and stand at side of range for twenty minutes. Next pour into a flannel jelly bag, warmed, and let drip into a bowl. Do not squeeze or touch the bag. Turn into molds and stand in a cold place. If you desire, a half pint of sherry wine may be added before putting it into the molds.