Butter Scotch.

One cup of light brown sugar, one-half cup of hot water, a table-spoonful of butter, a tablespoonful of vinegar; boil about twenty minutes, testing in cold water; when it begins to thicken it can be flavored by adding half a teaspoonful of lemon or vanilla if desired. Pour on buttered plates and mark into squares as it cools.

Chocolate Caramels.

One and a half pound of brown sugar, one cup of cream, one tablespoonful of butter, half a cake of Baker's chocolate. Mix all together and let cook, stirring frequently until done. Drop a little in water; if done it hardens at once. Just before pouring in pan flavor with vanilla or lemon. Pour in a buttered dish, and before it gets perfectly cold cut in squares by running a knife across the dish. It will break when cold.

Vanilla Caramels.

Two cups of sugar, one-half cup of water, one-fourth cup of vinegar; boil until it will harden when dropped in water, then add one-half cup of cream and two teaspoonfuls of vanilla. Stir to prevent scorching. When it will harden if dropped in water, pour into a greased pan so it will be a half inch thick. When cool enough, cut in squares and wrap in paraffine paper.

Soft Caramels.

Make either with or without nuts. Whites of two eggs beaten stiff, half cup of corn starch, eight table-spoonfuls of pulverized sugar. Stir until stiff enough to manipulate with the hands then work just with the fingers.

Cocoanut Caramels.

One cocoanut grated fine; take the milk of the cocoanut and add sufficient water to make one pint, to this add three pounds of white sugar. When it boils up well, add one-half tea-spoonful cream of tartar dissolved in a little water; boil until it will make a soft ball when dropped in water, then add the grated cocoanut; remove from the fire and beat until it begins to get white—if beaten too long it will crumble; pour into shallow pans and when partly cold cut in squares.