Ice Cream Candy.

Two cups granulated sugar, a scant half cup water, a lump of butter the size of a walnut, and one quarter teaspoonful cream of tartar. Flavor with vanilla. Boil until it cracks when dropped into water. Do not stir. Pour in buttered tins, and when cool pull until white.

Maple Creams.

One cup maple sugar, one-half cup cream or milk, lump of butter; boil until it brittles in cold water. Let stand until cool, then beat to a cream. Put in buttered tins and cut in squares.

English Kisses.

Whites of two eggs beaten dry and stiff, one-half pint granulated sugar, one teaspoonful vanilla, mix thoroughly; drop in drops on greased manilla paper and lay half kernels of English walnuts on the top. Bake a light brown.

Molasses Candy.

One quart good molasses, one-half cup vinegar, one cup sugar, butter size of an egg, one teaspoonful baking soda. Boil molasses, sugar and vinegar until it hardens when dropped in cold water, then add butter, and the soda dissolved in hot water; flavor to taste. Pour in buttered dishes and pull when cold.


Put into a pan half cup of butter, two cups brown sugar, and the juice of a lemon or four tablespoonfuls vinegar; stand it over a moderate fire. Stir until it begins to bubble, then draw it to one side of the stove and let it boil slowly. Test occasionally by dropping a little into cold water. If it hardens at once, it is done. Stir in shelled peanuts or walnuts and pour into buttered pans.