Chocolate Creams.

Beat the white of one egg and add to it two tablespoonfuls cold water and half teaspoonful vanilla. Stir in gradually enough confectioner's or sugar to make a stiff dough. Roll into balls the size of marbles, and let dry one hour. Melt quarter pound chocolate in a bowl and put the balls into it in succession. Lift out each ball with a fork and place it on greased paper to harden.

Walnut Creams.

Open English walnuts carefully, that the half-kernels may not be broken. Press the two halves into opposite sides of a sugar-ball, as above described.

Date Creams.

Remove the seeds from dates. Roll sugar-balls into cylinders and press them into the spaces from which the date seeds were taken.

Cherry Creams.

Buy quarter pound red candied cherries. Cut each cherry partly open, and press into the opening a small ball of the sugar mixture.

Lemon or Orange Creams.

Take one teaspoonful of white of egg and mix with it one tablespoonful lemon or orange-juice. Add enough sugar to make a dough, roll it into balls and let it harden.

Fruit Creams.

Take one tablespoonful sultana raisins, two figs, four dates, and

one tablespoonful nut kernels. Chop the fruit very fine and stir all together. Take a portion of the sugar dough, above described, and mix with it the chopped fruit. Roll the mixture into balls, or pat it flat and cut into small squares.