For this take fifty clams, a bowl of salt pork, cut up fine, and one of onions, finely chopped, with the same or a greater quantity of potatoes cut into small pieces. Fry the pork very gently, and when brown take it out and put in the onions to fry. This should be done in a frying-pan, and the chowder-kettle be made very clean before they are put in it, or the chowder will burn. Sprinkle some of the pork in the bottom of the pot, place on it a layer of clams, seasoned with salt and pepper and covered with bits of butter. Next have a layer of onion and one of small crackers moistened with milk. On this pour some of the fat from the frying-pan, and then repeat the process, continuing till the pot is nearly full. Cover now with water and stew slowly, for forty-five minutes. Drain off the liquor that flows freely, and, after emptying the chowder from the pot, return this liquor. Thicken it with flour or cracker dust, add some wine and catsup, boil, and pour over the contents of the tureen.