Creamed Clams.

Have twenty-five clams chopped fine. Put in a chafing dish two tablespoonfuls butter; when melted add two tablespoonfuls flour. Add the clams with half a pint of their juice; season well with pepper and salt. Let them simmer from ten to fifteen minutes. Just before serving add a gill of sweet cream, and let come to a boil. Serve hot.

Clam Fritters.

Take fifty small or twenty-five large clams, cut each in two if large. Lay them on a thickly folded napkin, and put a pint of wheat flour into a basin, adding three well-beaten eggs, and half a pint or more of clam juice. Beat the batter until it is smooth and perfectly free from lumps, then stir in the clams. Put plenty of lard into a thick-bottomed frying-pan, let it become boiling hot, and put in the batter by the spoonful. Fry gently, and when one side is a delicate brown, turn the other.