Corn Soup.

Stew one-half can or two cups corn with one-half cup water until soft. Scald one pint milk, with salt and pepper added, in the top of a double boiler; add one-half tablespoonful of sugar. Pour in the corn, and strain it if desired.

Chicken Corn Soup.

Take a large chicken, cut into pieces, and boil with the cobs of the corn in a gallon of water till tender. Then put into the pot the green corn cut from a dozen ears, and stew gently for an hour longer. Remove the chicken and the cobs, season the soup with pepper, salt, and parsley, thicken with rice or wheat flour, boil up again, and serve. There is no need to strain if the corn is young.

The chicken, unless boiled to rags, may be served in a fricasee. For this, beat up an egg and a tablespoonful of butter, adding some liquor from the soup, and boil for a moment. Thicken with flour, season, and pour hot over the chicken. Garnish dish with parsley and slices of hard-boiled egg.