Bean Soup.

Cook three pints soup or marrowfat beans, with one and one half pounds of fresh pork. When done remove the meat. Take out a dish of beans to serve for dinner. Take a pint of beans and run them through a sieve. Have as much water as necessary, for the amount of soup desired to make, add the pulp and a table-spoonful of butter, make thickening of one tablespoonful of flour and one-half cup sweet milk, one well-beaten egg, and one onion cut fine.

Black Bean Soup.

Take one cup black beans, soak several hours or over night; put to boil in one quart cold water. Slice half a small onion, and fry it in a table-spoonful of butter. Add it to the beans, and simmer four or five hours, or until the beans are soft, adding cold water so as to keep the quantity one quart. Cook together one tablespoonful each flour and butter, and add to the soup after it is strained. Season with a tablespoonful salt and a sprinkle of pepper and mustard. Any other dried beans may be used in making this soup.