Green Pea Soup.

Put the empty pods of a half peck of peas into a gallon of water, and boil for an hour. Then strain, put in four pounds of chopped beef, and boil slowly an hour and a half. Then add the peas ; boil half an hour, adding ten minutes before serving a half cup of rice flour, salt, pepper, and chopped parsley. Strain into a hot tureen.

Dried Pea Soup.

One gallon of water, one quart of soaked peas; boil slowly for two hours. Then press the peas through a cullender with a wooden spoon, and return to the pot, adding a small head of celery, chopped, and a little parsley or summer savory. If the soup becomes too thick add more water. Place in the bottom of the tureen small pieces of toasted bread, or scatter bread that has been fried in butter until brown on the surface of the soup, after it has been poured into the tureen.

Pea Porridge.

Shell the peas and put the pods on to boil, cooking about an hour. Drain off the water, and put it over the fire; add the peas, some potato cut in small pieces, a bunch of pot-herbs, and a small onion. When these are well cooked add a quart of milk, and thicken with flour and butter rubbed together, and salt and pepper to taste. Small dumplings are an addition, if liked.