Put 1 lb. shin bone into one pint cold water with one-half teaspoonful each of salt and sugar, let it simmer. Brown two sliced onions in one table-spoonful of butter, stir in an equal quantity of flour and brown it; add one cup boiling water gradually, and, when the mixture is smooth and thick, stir it into the soup. Cut two carrots and two turnips in small squares, and some celery in inch strips, and add them. Simmer two hours. Three-quarters of an hour before serving slice two potatoes, parboil 5 minutes, and add them and one-half teaspoonful of pepper. One tablespoonful of chopped parsley may be added just before serving. Remove the bone, separate the meat, if there is any, into small pieces, and serve in the soup. Do not put any fat meat into the soup.